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Intoducing MyMaverick

MyMaverick is a groundbreaking subscription service that provides timely health policy updates, cutting-edge analysis, and authoritative insights on the rapidly evolving environment for healthcare and health technology. We pierce through the complexities of health policy and assess their implications in an easily digestible format that allows you to customize the topics and developments you’re briefed about, with as much or as little detail as you need.

MyMaverick quickly lets you know what’s happening and why it matters, helping you shape a strategy for success.

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What You’ll Receive

  • Customized, weekly newsletter that includes only those topics you choose, eliminating information overload. 
  • Weekly updates alerting you to additions to our comprehensive collection of resources containing explanation and analysis, accessible through the MyMaverick subscriber portal on our website. 
  • A unique set of simple, visually compelling tools to help you get up to speed quickly, avoiding time in tedious meetings. These include:
    • Maverick’s Mastery: A multimedia collection including slide presentations, expert interviews and quarterly webinars that includes a nuanced perspective on how to adapt to the evolving healthcare and health technology environment.
    • Maverick’s Manual: A thorough, detailed analysis of a critical issue.
    • Maverick’s Minute: A short, simple primer to help you get smart quick. 
    • Maverick’s Memory:  An interactive timeline that looks forward and back both to track and predict the evolution of health technology policy. Video and written explainers provide three levels of depth and detail.
    • Maverick’s Library: A repository of health information technology policy knowledge conveyed through FAQs, explainers and more.


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How We’re Different

  • Newsletters customized by your topic choices, with no unneeded or redundant information
  • Simple, clear, informative writing and vibrant visuals, understandable to all 
  • Online subscriber hub available 24/7, putting actionable intelligence at your fingertips, so you can prepare for policy changes before they happen

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