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Maverick’s Update: What Matters to You About Health Policy

  1. With so much momentum in the non-health care data privacy space (FTC’s Facebook $5B fine, big tech lobbying for a federal privacy data law, another non-HIPAA entity health care data breach, a multitude of states increasing data protection), one would expect a discussion about how privacy protection proposals will impact health data sharing, no?

  2. The health care and tech industry lines keep bleeding: Anthem, Havenare hiring tech executives, and Providence St. Joseph Health and UCLA Health are partnering with Microsoft, technology industry is loading up on health care experts: Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amazon. More here on how the big 4 tech companies are all about health care innovation.

  3. President Trump’s July 10th Executive Order that addresses kidney disease policies is a game-changer for so many reasons, but an interesting one may be the expansion of telehealth, according to @eriwick.

One Thoughtful Paragraph

Democratic Presidential Candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden released his health care plan this week, just as he did during his 2007 campaign. Back then, he suggested supporting electronic health care recordswith $1 billion per year in funding. Today, he includes nothing about modernizing the health care system or addressing the new health care app economy – a lack of vision shared by his fellow candidates despite being able to follow a money trail to this future health care system. Interestingly, Biden says he will “partner with health care workers” to test and deploy innovative solutions, citing to a Health Affairs article that supports “upskilling” home health care workers. This is similar to the 21st Century SKILLS Act promoted by Democratic Presidential Candidate and Senator Kalama Harris. Happy to see that there is an opening to educate the workforce on the multitude of new and innovative software tools and devices that promise to improve and simplify health care.

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