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  • Julie Barnes

January 6, 2023

Maverick's Update

Only What Matters In Health Information Policy

If you’re interested in heavy drama between former friends who are testing each other’s loyalties, you can either flip on coverage of the U.S. House leadership saga, or you can watch the Glass Onion, the sequel to Knives Out. It is a new film on Netflix about a murder mystery dinner party that is, in essence, a disagreement among old friends. Loyalties are tested as financial and political self-interest plays out among a colorful cast of characters who ultimately destroy a perfectly good glass house with a tech billionaire’s invention -- a film that reflects our real-life issues all too well. We are more interested in less destructive real-life parties with health policy friends, which we describe below in the One Thoughtful Paragraph.

The party is getting started for these newsmakers:

  • Oracle Cerner and the Department of Veterans Affairs will resume their multibillion-dollar implementation of a new electronic health records system in June 2023, after a rocky start. See more here.

  • Building on its announcement at HIMSS last year, Samsung plans to announce a new app at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show that will connect clinicians and patients through a television set -- just like on the The Jetsons.

  • GE Healthcare officially split from General Electric, its former parent company, after it began trading as an independent company on Nasdaq. More here about how well the stock is doing.

One Thoughtful Paragraph

Everyone is still shaking off the holiday break, so the most thoughtful thing we can do is plan for the future. The health information policy issues we are expecting to be addressed in new regulations include (but are likely not limited to) information blocking penalties, electronic prior authorization, API standardization, data privacy, and health care price transparency. We expect these and other announcements will be made at upcoming health industry events, helpfully compiled by STAT Health Tech:

o Jan. 5-8: Consumer Technology Association’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

o Jan. 9-12: J.P. Morgan’s 41st annual health care conference

o Jan. 26-27: ThINc Healthcare Value-based Care Summit

o Feb 1: Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit

o Feb 23-24: Academy Health’s Health Datapalooza

o Feb 24: MIT Sloan Healthcare and Bioinnovations Conference

o March 10-13: SXSW

o March 13-15: American Medical Informatics Association

o March 26-29: ViVE 2023

We hope to see you at one or more of these events! And you can always check out our archived Maverick Updates here.

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