• Digital Health
    Digital Health

    Digital health is a generic term that encompasses a wide range of technologies that are capable of improving health care and health business operations. Categories of digital health include mobile health, health information technology, wearable devices, telehealth, and artificial intelligence. Digital health use cases include personalized patient apps and devices, facilitating clinical trials, and advanced analytics to better manage patients. 

  • Interoperability and Health IT
    Interoperability and Health IT

    Interoperability is the ability to exchange healthcare data across electronic information systems. An evolving landscape of data standards and public policy are improving the flow and exchange of electronic health information exchange, even if the information is maintained by unaffiliated computer systems, platforms, or networks. Health Information Technology is a generic term that refers to a broad array of processing, storage, and exchange of health information in an electronic environment.

  • Payers

    Payers are organizations, commonly referred to as health plans or health insurers, that pay for healthcare services provided to their enrollees. 

  • Price Transparency
    Price Transparency

    Making health care prices public so consumers know the cost of services before they receive care is what is meant by “price transparency.” Rules for hospitals and plans that mandate the publication and accessibility of health care prices are in effect, with more coming soon.

  • Providers

    Professionals, like doctors and nurses, and organizations, like hospitals and group practices, that provide healthcare services to patients. 

  • Value-Based Care
    Value-Based Care

    A reimbursement model that pays providers for health care services based on health outcomes and the quality of care rather than a traditional fee-for-service or volume-based model.

  • Virtual Health
    Virtual Health

    A type of care delivery that is supported by technology so that clinicians may provide care virtually rather than in-person, like telehealth or remote monitoring.  

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